Create your own blog

It’s easy to set up your own site and food blog using WordPress, Joomla or DNN.

When it comes to selecting  blog software and hosting type Google will be your best friend, there are numerous useful sites with step by step instructions on setting up a CMS site. You can choose the flexibility of paying for hosting and setting up a stand alone CMS instance or you can choose to use a free option depending on your level of IT savyness.

What you most bloggers starting out need to be wary of is how much effort and technical knowledge they’ll need to do the initial site setup including purchasing a domain name and linking that domain name to their site (hosted or self managed).

If you want to take the hands on approach like we did at, we set our site up from scratch using a stand alone installation of WordPress. This included purchasing and setup of a self-manged VPS, purchasing of a domain name and installation of the WordPress software and hosting on the VPS using IIS.

Not all people are lucky to be technically savy so if this sounds like you but would really like to get into the bloggin game you can always go for a WordPress hosted instance. Check out examples on Google for the differences and the ease of which this can be done.

Once you get the the basics down you can customise your site by adding widgets and themes, you can even set up Google AdSense to monetise your content.

Let your imagination run wild.